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Your Heart

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Why Rappers Should Use Social Media


One of the main and obvious reasons why a rapper would want to use social media is very simple. Social media is free! Traditional media promotion such as buying Lamar billboards or buying a slot on your local television stations can be very costly and expensive. Using social media your fans can instantly interact with you give you feedback and also buy your products if you have them available. I’m not saying traditional media is bad, because you can still communicate your message to millions using it. The only thing with traditional media is that, it’s harder to build that connection that you can easily build using social media.

When you use traditional media, a lot of the people you market to won’t even be your targeted demographic. You may be showing advertising to millions of old grandmothers who don’t care about hip hop singles or exclusive rap beats so showing them your ad isn’t profitable. Social media allows you to target people exclusively who will be interested in your rap beats, or trap music that you’re selling. Traditional media is very slow to change. If there was a big, fast growing trend, and you had social media, you could easily adapt to the trend. If you were using traditional media, you would make the change at a much slower rate.

The investment for social media is just your time and maybe a few bucks, if that. Traditional media forces you to make huge investments of hundreds or thousands, up front. To be able to interact with each fan and build a relationship with your fans is the key factor to being successful. Keep in mind that social media isn’t for everyone and that you should use it correctly to gain the most exposure for your music and for yourself as an artist.

SEO for Music Artist

SEO for Music Artists


If you don’t already know, Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to gain the most exposure in the search engine. This exposure will lead to more people finding your website, in which leads to more sales of whatever you’re selling. This means if you’re a rapper, singer, or songwriter looking to gain more customers, this will be vital to your success online.

One of the first things a search engine will like Google or Bing looks for is relevance. It takes the search term or phrase and compares it to the html text on a website to compare if the terms are related.  For example if someone is looking for “exclusive rap instrumentals”, your search engine will take that text “exclusive rap instrumentals” and search for it inside of the html and text on every website inside of the search engine directory. Text or wording such as “buy rap instrumentals” or “exclusive instrumentals” could also show up in the search results. The reason for this is the relevance to the term “exclusive rap instrumentals”.

Another factor for search engine optimization is Authority. Authority is determined from a large range of over a hundred factors. One of the main factors is back links. A back link is created by having another website provide a link pointing back to your website. One back link is looked at by search engines as a vote. Whenever a domain links to your website they are essentially voting for your website to be higher in the search engine.  Links from a website stating “Youngstown daycare” or “Warren Ohio Churches” won’t be too strong in relevance for a website about promoting your music or buying beats. If you are a rapper with your own website, you probably want to get back links from other websites relevant to rap, hip hop, and anything else which is relevant to you as an artist.

One thing to keep in mind is that, not all back links are created equally. Some back-links are a lot heavier, or stronger than others.  You must remember that the relevance and the authority of the website that links to you determines how strong and powerful the back link is. This can help you prioritize which links you spend time gaining.  Understanding relevance versus authority will allow you to gain better results using search engine optimization.


Silence of Rappers Next?

“Try to implementing two master rules by silencing Christians and conscious rappers”


Few days back when all of America were facing government shutdown and suffering due to these unexpected circumstances, the debates occurred with a question that who suffered the most? Talking about suffering? After observing a bizarre act in the U.S House by a lady, which proved out rather to be a message for most of the people, we know very well who suffered the most. Yes, House stenographer, Dianne Reidy is the one who came out with a huge message for all in quite not in a simpler way. She ranted all over the house showing her expressions and anger over the certain present conditions of America during shutdown.

She approached the stage of the house and asked the House representative whether the microphones are working or not? Nevertheless House representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who was presiding, replied that she don’t know. It was the time when weeks vote was being conducted on the issue of raising US debt ceiling. Surprisingly when she started to rant, then all the representatives and House members realized that what’s going on. According to one of the representative Peter King, ,R-NY, the sergeant in arms didn’t try to stop her because she was working there and that’s where she was situated as well. Initially they thought that she came there to hand over the microphones or something else to the speaker. But, when she went up behind the podium, she started ranting and that was the time when they realized the real story.

Everyone in the house was having a same thought at that time thinking that Reidy had finally lost control on herself. Possibilities of this existed because sixteen days of government shutdown had been a tough job for Reidy, who had been working hard being a stenographer. Perhaps, she got tired because of her hectic routine and all that stuff coming out from the representatives. Still what we must discuss is the reason hidden behind her message which she was eagerly waiting to address. You might be thinking that what exactly the words she tried to elaborate were? Reidy had a message which was delivered as

Do not be deceived.. God shall not be mocked…. A House divided cannot stand..He will not be mocked, He will not be mocked, (don’t touch me).. He will not be mocked… The greatest deception here, is that this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been… it would not have been… No. it would not have been.. the Constitution would not have been written by Free Masons… and go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.”

She was ranting about freemasons and her anger was on its peak. After then, when Reidy started to gain access to the podium, she was pulled from the chamber and sent to a local hospital for the mental checkup. The congressman was totally shocked and amazed by listening to her voice that “He won’t be mocked”. After when she was escorted out from the chamber, the progress on this issue made. Allover the media this news was published and the issue were focused by almost all media groups. Some claimed her hectic routine work during the shutdown is the main cause, while some claim her mental instability. Still what’s important is her message which was conveyed through this mean. One of the staff workers who knew her well claimed that “She’s a well-known person, she’s a perfectly nice person, a good colleague, somebody who’s respectable and dependable, and this is very surprising to everybody who works with her,” Still nothing to worry about because Officer Shennell S. Antrobus of Capitol Police told that she was not arrested or charged and was only transferred to a local hospital for further evaluation and checkup.

Dianne Reidy’s husband stated that she did not have any mental issues. All what’s wrong with her is that she has not been slept properly from two weeks of shutdown. Her hard working and tiring job made her react and outburst in this way. Surprisingly when asked about her health, Dianne Reidy replied “I’ve never felt better. I’m glad that I fulfilled God’s mission for me, absolutely. It lifted a tremendous burden. It was a very hard burden to carry as you can imagine.” Her response was amazingly surprising that “I couldn’t be better”


Now moving towards the conclusions from this incident, we may arrive with many questions ahead.

• Who are those freemasons she was talking about while ranting on the House floor?

• Who are these two masters she is talking about?

• What role does the religion play in forming a government?

• Why does she critize those freemasons?

• What are the factors that are making a man away from the God and forming a two rulers system according to Reidy?

• Is Christianity is facing a decline through this system?

• Is the government of America is trying to silence Christians?

• If they are, then who are their next victims?

Could they be the “conscious” rappers who can be the next to be silenced as well?

Let’s make sure that this incident inspired a lot of people all around the World and some even claim Reidy as a New American Hero. Talking about freemasons, they are the members of a guild of skilled itinerant masons during the middle ages part of centuries-old fraternal organization. Freemasons also includes several of the country’s founders, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere as well. These two masters are those whom she considers to be the leaders or rulers. She indicated that one rule must be applied for all, and that rule lies in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the only ruler and only one rule must be implemented by him according to the Bible. No one can serve two masters, and then only one deserves to set the constitution. That one master must be Jesus Christ. Government of America is trying to implement their own rules and this second master will never succeed. God can not be mocked and he is the one to decide and to be a master.

This view turns more towards a religious perspective. The debate leads us towards the issue that how our forefathers were demanding the separation of church and state. There are countless examples which make this government and system a big failure. Millions of babies are still aborted every year in this country, still many people are killed and countless girls are raped everyday. What makes this system prior to God? I don’t find any reason to justify. God is watching us and we all know what the better way. On the other hand, religion teaches us to help the poor, teach others for free, seek peace and learn to tolerate. All you need to do is wonder what is wrong with us and I’m sure you won’t find yourself different from Reidy. That is one of the reason Reidy criticized freemasons because they were the one who initiated this existing system full which makes people heartless and regardless of others feelings. Christianity is facing a decline day by day through this system because it moves a person away from God and shows him other unethical ways to seek pleasure.

The important role of Christianity in the founding of America is now set aside and constantly being challenged. The view of American society is eliminating the faith and belief of the people on Christianity. The voices for the empowerment of religion are being silenced by the government. In a country where killings are routine, babies are being adopted with crucial conditions and legal threats are common, isn’t this all an attack against Faith?

What needs to be considered is that “An attack against Christian principles is a direct assault against God” Talking about the religion, we perceive every single thing happening around us with respect to our religion and social norms. Singing is not only concerned to seek pleasure and enjoy rhythm. It moreover talks about the happenings and gives us the knowledge and understanding of our society as well. I find the most important role in creating awareness through singing is a part of Conscious rapping. It is a sub-genre of creating awareness and focuses on social issues. These conscious rappers focus to decry discrimination, violence and other social ailments as well. These conscious rappers raise their voice on the conflicts and the hardships which are being faced by the needy human beings.

Regardless of any profits, conscious rappers focus over to solve and highlight the dark aspects of our society. The conscious message conveyed through this rap is leaned towards humanity and peace which empowers and uplifts the listener. Therefore most of the conscious rap songs contain positive uplifting and motivational messages which makes one bang his head with enthusiasm along with the beats. This strong reason makes us believe that conscious rapping among other things, might be next in the line to be the victim of government. The silence of conscious rappers might be observed in upcoming days because they raise their voice for justice through rap. That might create a hurdle in between the way of government and their system.

Therefore, I’m afraid, that Conscious rappers in this way could be the next to be silenced as well. In a nutshell, from the above incident of Dianne Reidy, we may conclude that this way of expressing the emotions may be not an appropriate way, but it makes us think over again that who is our real ruler and what is the real cause of these spurious incidents in our society. Dianne Reidy makes us think to identify our real master and save our society and social norms from getting perished.

The History of Hip Hop Beats

The History of Hip Hop Beats

How do hip hop manufacturers make beats using old examples and new software? Through the history of hip hop beats, popular producers like Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, and Kanye West have described their times through impressive blends of testing and technological innovation. How have these manufacturers modified the experience of songs though their impressive beats?

In the 1970s, producers made beats the old fashioned way: by using vinyl fabric information. Important “breaks” from groove, spirit and pop songs were looped over and over again to make long instrumental surpasses that were the key fascination of popular events and local groups. DJs who were experienced at identifying these break beats and creating new hip hop’s beats became popular throughout the roads of the country.

When hip hop started to be launched from the commercially perspective in the late 1970s and early 1980s, new improvements continued to happen. John Rubin and Russell Simmons recognized Def Jam information and taken over the rap field of the 80s, generating hip hop  exposure and  there became hip hop beats for groups like the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J. These Beats were a choice of the 1980′s fans, as in traditional instrumentals like “Walk this Way” and “Fight for your Right to Party.”

As the 1980′s came to a close, however, the West Coast started increasing as a competing force New York. The Gangsta rap trend had been developing for some time, but it was Dr. Dre who documented LA as the pioneer of the coast in the middle with his “G-Funk” audio, which sampled beats from the 1970s “G-Funk” categories like Parliament/Funkadelic. G-Funk celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Warren G launched songs with hip hop beats that modified 70s era with a 90s hip hop sound.

While G-Funk was taking the west by storm, the underground began to boom with unknown songs from old and contemporary resources. The “crate digger” sub-culture saw producers and performers using samples from resources such as educational information and personal speech recordings; anything that they could dig out of the vinyl at used record shops around the world.

While beats had always been recognized around the world, technological innovation enhanced home sequencing applications which permitted more people to make their own hip hop beats and drum loops from home. In the contemporary era, hip hop has becoming progressively affected by electronica, and many of recent most popular performers like BoB, the Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West have incorporated an electronic style in their own hip hop beats and songs. Although the audio of hip hop beats and songs has progressed over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the do-it-yourself style of producing and creating beats.

Why Trap Beats Are Here to Stay


Let’s start with a bit of history for those of you who don’t know anything about trap. I can start by telling that trap music is a music genre that originated in early 2000′s from Dirty south and Crunk, in the southern part of United States. Trap beats are typified by its trademark sound (which incorporates 808 sub-bass kick drums, layered synthesizers, “cinematic” strings, sped-up hi-hats, etc.) and the beats tend to be Halloween sounding, dark, with lots of bass, slow, with lots of minor chords and will always have and is mainly identified by 808 drums. It’s just like those various different instruments that give you that west coast feel on a track.

A lot of people don’t like trap beats and some people out there really hate them but probably the reason for that is that they didn’t hear a well made trap beat. Some people even think the whole point of trap is that it’s made for the club/dance floor. It is a hard genre to make and I think that trap beats get judged only because most people out there who make them, usually follow the same formula and don’t really take the time to mix their beats properly and effectively. Those basic beats can’t really be called trap beats because basically they are just some regular southern hip hop beats.

I know there are a lot of good producers out there but I feel like some producers think that just because you throw a deep 808 on something it suddenly is a hard beat. If it doesn’t sound really good before you put that 808 on it, then it is not suddenly going to sound great just because it’s hitting hard. Also you just can’t call it a trap beat just by mixing together 808, snare and some background noise. The beats have to be more complex than that, but in the same time they have to be simple and that is what makes trap difficult to produce well. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that a talented artist can make any beat sound good but give a special trap beat to a special artist and then look at the result.

A lot of producers tend to make only basic trap beats just because that is what the mainstream sound is made of and for that reason they sell very easily. They need to add something innovative into trap beats or at least try to make something unique or special because these beats are the future. Nowadays, trap means more that it did 5 years ago and like Baauer’s Harlem Shake, there’s a whole universe of trap-type songs waiting to be made. That type of songs basically bends the line between something old school, trap and EDM. It will come a time when every producer will try to sell uniquely made trap beats. The fact that the mainstream sound currently sounds like trap, is a sign that trap beats will only go up. And I am sure this is going to happen because that is just how things work and history can’t prove me wrong.

When you listen to good trap beats and really dissect what’s going on, you will most likely discover all kinds of layers hidden in the music and you will get a feeling of motivation. The beats have to be uniquely made and they have to be dynamic in order to be called trap beats. Everything has to come together just right in order to pull it off. Now if you want some trap beats, go over to raw10productions.com and cop some of our bangin’ trap beats.

Musical Marketing for musical artist,rappers, and singers

Market Yourself as an Artist

How to Market Yourself as a Music Artist

The music industry is an interesting and difficult street to get to. There are many difficulties just like any other job. One issue is that too many concentrate on just making music but don’t take any opportunity to market anything they’ve done. How are you expected to get observed for your music if you are not promoting yourself to the people? This is very essential if you want to achieve your dream for being a professional artist.

The number one step is to get planned. Make sure everything is in position, so you will discover any issues quickly. If you have done music with someone ensure that it is in your details. Make sure you have an e-mail for yourself as an artist and you should have files that have been marked so you can keep your essential customers in them. It is always essential to sustain an excellent connection with your customers and fans, so they keep returning. You cannot do anything without your fans.

The next step is your personality. Remember to treat everyone with the same respect you would want to receive whether you are a big singer getting placements or just someone starting out. You never know who you will run into nowadays. You don’t skip prospective customers. Maybe there will be an awesome Artist on karaoke evening at your regional bar that would like to perform with you.

Networking is another excellent way to market you. You might want to have a Facebook or MySpace, MySpace, tweets, etc… Account for your business. If you do this, do not put your individual lifestyle on your music account. (Unless you can use your lifestyle to market yourself) This can make your prospective customers see you as not as serious about your music and might not want to perform with you or even let you perform at events. You need to keep it professional! This doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself; you must be original and be yourself.  Plus, social media can help you get into the experience. If there are certain organizations you are trying to deliver your music to, you need to do is do some analysis on the web and usually you will discover the details that you are looking for.

Another excellent way is to develop a website for your publishing company, or yourself. You can also offer your music on there. Once you have done that, then it’s about a chance to do SEO. SEO is a big factor that determines where you are in the search engines. By doing this, you can shift your website in the positions so more individuals will see your website. You can pay a organization to do SEO or you can also do it yourself. There are a lot of excellent guides and content out there that will help you get began with that. I hope this helps you get started on marketing and taking your career to the next level.

How to Mix your own vocals

How to Mix Your Vocals

Mixing Vocals

Without a great voice there cannot be a great mix.People think that the key of the great vocal is the plugin with the better channel strip or some compression technique.The truth is that the great vocal  is the result of simple philosophy not a technique.

It has been noticed over the years that the listener does not like anything in the solo. The end user of the mix that is the audience like to hear the mix which is sandwiched in the different tracks.The only way to get the best vocal sound is to see that the sound is competing with everything else in the mix.

The best way to start with a mix

Before bringing in the vocals into the mix it is suggested to prepare the mix of the majority of the band because mixing is hard enough and it will be the waste of time if the time is spent on the something which will not work in reality.There is no hard and fast rule in the art of mixing.The important step in improving the vocal sound is to stop mixing the vocals at the initial stage.

If the person wants to grow as a famous  mixer and have the desire to create better mixes then he has to opt for  all the things that has the urge to hit the solo button.One should train his ears to hear the things in context.If the context is not making the difference in listening then there is no need to use the plugin.

Think like a mixer

One should think like a listener and should hear the entire mix. No one likes to hear  anything in solo and if this mindset is applied to all aspects of the process of mixing then only it can succeed.

There are two ways of mixing vocals.

  • The traditional way of mixing the vocals is the compression/EQ/routing reverbs etc..In this technique the person listens the mix to see the bad resonances and then using the following methods he can correct them and then mix them accordingly.One can mix the vocals by using the following techniques to get the mix sit on the top of a mix in a musical way.
  • The other way which is the modern technique is by using the plugins.By using this technique one can have the complete control of the sound in an easy and quick way.The plugins are known as “all in one vocal”. This is a very easy way to mix the vocals.
Buy Beats for sale now online

Why Artists Should Buy Instrumental Rap Beats


 Buy Beats for sale now online

Every field or work has a specific key in it that plays the dominant role in its process. They are more likely the basic or fundamental part of that work or field and it, as a whole concerns that key. A Lumberjack’s whole work depends upon the wood. Without wood, there would be none task required from the lumberjack himself. An electrician bears his whole work on the support of electricity without which, his job would particularly be of none use.

An artist owes his whole performance or elegance to the colors without which his art would be none. So there is always a dominant key in every work field that holds its importance together and without which, the work itself would be purposeless or useless.

Likewise, field of music & artist regard the same issue in its purpose. An artist owes his or her brilliance and his whole work to the dominance of music that would be vocals placed upon beats or any instrumental rhythm. Rap beats or rap instrumentals for rappers are the key to his or her excellence in his work without which his music work would be hollow and incomplete. They both (rap beats and rap instrumentals) complete the work as a whole with their dominance. A music artist is no ordinary person plumbing any laundry pipe or carving out woods at any shop. His work is quite different and specific. Their specialty regards to singing over R&B beats and music making in which they have to produce a song using their voice and the rhythm together in a perfect way to tune out a perfect song. It is quite necessary that his voice should fit in and set upon the scales of any specific music in order to produce a rhythm. A song is actually a unique rhythmic combination of musical tone and man’s own voice itself.

Mixed correct together, they produce a relaxing and joy able mixture of tones called as music or song which is quite enjoyed a lot these days by our society. In this procedure, it is necessary to produce or arrange a specific rap beat or rap instrumental to produce a complete song/track. Urban beats or instrumentals play dominant and vital in song making of any artist.

As the procedure is not so complicated yet quite simple, it is to be known that first of all, in order to produce a song, the foremost step taken towards it is the composition or selection of a pop beat or popular instrumental upon which the singer or artist has to set his voice tone and sing along with. So firstly, a specific beat is selected as the base upon which the whole project is applied. Then the vocal session is done in which artist records his vocals and implies them on the beat taking notice of the specific scales that are to be put very carefully.

Then the mastering and mixing session is done in which the vocals are completely mixed inside the beat and mashed together and the quality is then, refined. Throughout the whole procedure, hip hop beats play the most important role upon which the whole track including the artist’s voice vocals are set and the mixing and mastering is performed. Without the beat itself, there would be no Rhythm or tone in his recording.

Instrumental music is the most basic form of music. It lies in the core of any music track irrespective of artists or genres. The beat or instrumental is actually a road or a path upon which the whole musical journey is to be traveled. One can never imagine a journey or a route without a road or a path because it is the base upon which one stands and follows his way up. Without a road, there would be no route or way. Like a surfer requires water to surf upon, music of an artist demands rap beats or instrumentals to be set upon and flow through.

A rap song without rap beats or instrumentals would just be like a man delivering his vocal conversation through a microphone. The major and basic difference between a song and a speech is a beat or instrumental that separates it from a normal conversation.

A rap beat or a hip hop instrumental basically set a tone or a scale upon which an artist has to set his vocals and go rhythmically/periodically. As a beat has a specific repetition of sounds in it that signify a rhythm in it, this gives artist an idea how to sing along or set his vocals according to the scale rather to be high or low. Several categories or genres of song represent several respective beats signifying their respective theme.

For example, if one has to produce a sad R&B song, one cannot just directly start singing in a sad mood or make a sad tone while singing but select a specific slow frequency beat. The slow rhythm of the beat would automatically signify the sadness of the song and then the artist can just set his voice up according to the rate or scale of that particular beat.

Like a margin is drawn on notebooks to keep the scaling of writing or the crossing lines are drawn on road to signify how to walk, the beat works on same purpose. Apart from that, a beat or instrumental basically gives or delivers the main theme and background of any song one has to produce rather sad, jolly, patriotic, emotional, funky or rock. The particular genres of music i.e. Rock, Rap, jazz, Pop classical etc are basically distinguished and classified on the basis of these particular beats set upon their respective frequency based rates like a sad or emotional song regards a slow frequency beat, Rock or rap would regard a fast and high one and jazz as for a slow but high one.

Moreover, the specific instruments in music are also distinguishes and judged through a beat. A beat is basically the only thing that stamps up the music in your heart so you can recall or sing it later. Respective to that, a famous person Toba Beta said, ““The real dance is a spontaneous body movement that in harmony with the beats of the music in your heart.”

So, overall, there are several dominant reasons why artist require beats and instrumentals for their respective work and why they should buy them. Without a beat, an artist’s work would be tasteless, purposeless and moreover, would not even be able to exist as when it would not even be called as a music or a song.

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