Your Heart

Now in the Beat Store! Your Heart ( Koolaid ) By Raw 10 Productions This exclusive trap banger is ready for you to record your street anthem and have it ready for the summer! Don’t miss out on this instrumental. Get it before it’s gone!

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Why Rappers Should Use Social Media

  One of the main and obvious reasons why a rapper would want to use social media is very simple. Social media is free! Traditional media promotion such as buying Lamar billboards or buying a slot on your local television stations can be very costly and expensive. Using social media your fans can instantly interact…

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SEO for Music Artist

SEO for Music Artists   If you don’t already know, Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to gain the most exposure in the search engine. This exposure will lead to more people finding your website, in which leads to more sales of whatever you’re selling. This means if you’re a rapper,…

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Featured Artist Submission Information

If you want to be a featured artist on go to our contact page at and give us the following information Link to the song/video Artist Name: Title of Song: Any notable info about the artist ( If there’s anything you want us to mention)

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Silence of Rappers Next?

“Try to implementing two master rules by silencing Christians and conscious rappers”   Few days back when all of America were facing government shutdown and suffering due to these unexpected circumstances, the debates occurred with a question that who suffered the most? Talking about suffering? After observing a bizarre act in the U.S House by…

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The History of Hip Hop Beats

The History of Hip Hop Beats How do hip hop manufacturers make beats using old examples and new software? Through the history of hip hop beats, popular producers like Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, and Kanye West have described their times through impressive blends of testing and technological innovation. How have these manufacturers modified the experience…

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Why Trap Beats Are Here to Stay

WHY TRAP BEATS ARE HERE TO STAY Let’s start with a bit of history for those of you who don’t know anything about trap. I can start by telling that trap music is a music genre that originated in early 2000′s from Dirty south and Crunk, in the southern part of United States. Trap beats are typified…

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Musical Marketing for musical artist,rappers, and singers

Market Yourself as an Artist

How to Market Yourself as a Music Artist The music industry is an interesting and difficult street to get to. There are many difficulties just like any other job. One issue is that too many concentrate on just making music but don’t take any opportunity to market anything they’ve done. How are you expected to…

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How to Mix your own vocals

How to Mix Your Vocals

Mixing Vocals Without a great voice there cannot be a great mix.People think that the key of the great vocal is the plugin with the better channel strip or some compression technique.The truth is that the great vocal  is the result of simple philosophy not a technique. It has been noticed over the years that…

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Buy Beats for sale now online

Why Artists Should Buy Instrumental Rap Beats

WHY ARTISTS SHOULD BUY INSTRUMENTAL BEATS   Every field or work has a specific key in it that plays the dominant role in its process. They are more likely the basic or fundamental part of that work or field and it, as a whole concerns that key. A Lumberjack’s whole work depends upon the wood.…

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